Our laboratory aims to scientifically examine, treat and support people by developing a wide range of technologies that are beneficial for people’s lives. In order to achieve it, we are using the interdisciplinary approach by weaving the components of information engineering, electrical and electronic engineering, bioengineering and cognitive science. Recently, we are focusing on researches of medical treatment and examination, skill succession technologies in super aging society and prevention of traffic accidents.

Introduction of the MR system for supporting self-study of blood collection technique

 The user can learn by comparing with their own techniques and viewing stereoscopic images of the "Expert's Blood Collection Technique" recorded by magnetic motion capture having microscopic resolution and using magnetic field penetrating the body. This technology provides a variety of visual information that is closer to face-to-face practice than conventional books and videos. In addition, The virtual nature of the system makes it possible to experience the perspective of the surgeon, see the movement and trajectory of the needle tip within the blood vessel, and provide a visual experiences that compensate face-to-face teaching and deepen understanding of skills.


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Research Theme (only in Japanese)

  1. Medical Support
  2. Skill Succession
  3. Prevention of Traffic Accidents


Main Research Tools

  • Pepper 
  • MotionCapture
  • Hyperthermia
  • HMD
  • 3D Printer